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How Our Tech is Changing Who We Are

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016

How Our Tech is Changing Who We Are

There’s been a lot of debate about video games and their influence on our children, but rarely we have an opportunity to read about Google, internet, mobile phones and similar technological improvement and their effect on the human brain.

Scientist around world state more often their concern about the influence of technology on human society. Based on some studies, technology is changing the way we are thinking, learning, reading, communicating and acting. Specific findings about these troubles are published in an increasing number of advanced scientific and medical journals.

Some scientists think that daily exposure to modern technologies have effect on our brain and how it is working. It’s a fact that average person, in this digital era, is spending more time with some type of digital technology than with person who is made from flesh and blood.

This is a major problem – we are pulling away from basic human needs, such as interaction in person and conversation and becoming more alone, even though we have the world at one click away.

This problem doesn’t refer only to youth who accepted this type of life and from early ages started using digital technology. Now days even elders became addicted to it because we can’t imagine any type of work where digital technology isn’t involved. It’s a fact that younger people spend more time with a computer, video games, mobile phones and the Internet and they avoid social interaction face to face.

Technological era has brought us a development of all sort of gadgets that we now have a difference between younger people who developed some sort of new language. If you are an elder, you will have troubles understanding it. Their brain is developing rapidly and in the same it functions differently.

Development of the brain begins in early stages of our life. Every human is born with the same neuron scheme, with additional genetic variations, but studies state that environment is changing its shape and function and that cannot be reversed.

In other words, for those who are born in the technological era and suffer its direct influence, stimulation of brain cells and release of neurotransmitters has created new neuron paths and weaken the old ones.
Because of this way of life, we are exposed to greater stress and don’t have time to think, to analyze previous experiences, nor to bring conscious decisions. Instead of that, most of us live in awaiting of new friend requests, more likes, interesting news and information. When people get accustomed to this way of life, it starts to build their ego and sense of personal value and they become dependent on technology. Unfortunately, the consequence of these conditions is that with time we start to lose basic human and social values.

Opposite to all of this, there are a lot of scientists who are thankful for the development of technology. Now days, we can’t imagine one work without it, we have become dependent on technology that it’s shaping the way we live and think. In the same time, it gave us more free time and speed to do all our tasks, but created unbreakable connection at the same time.

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