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Posted by on Apr 20, 2016

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It is that time again. Every two years I get a brand new notebook my old notebook as well as go out begins to reveal the wear and tear of it banging on for so or 24 months. I truly felt like changing it upward, this year. After perhaps a decade of utilizing industrial strength notebooks (typically Thinkpads), I went with a Toshiba Satellite last time. Now, I’m prepared to go to a whole different type of machine. I was never a Mac man, so I’ve been looking at alternatives in Windows 8 machines.
I initially thought I’d purchase a convertible notebook which could double as a Windows tablet PC too. Something like a Dell Ultrabook XPS or the Lenovo Yoga, for example. I’ve determined they aren’t ready, after looking at what was available at an adequate cost, though. I’ll explain below. Rather, I’ve begun looking at touchscreen Ultrabooks to benefit from the Windows 8 touch interface (is gain even the appropriate word?). The issue is I ‘m having much trouble finding one I enjoy in this category too.

I must do something, as the tab key and caps lock keys are dropping out of my Toshiba, while the screen goes from bright to dim on its own and the darn thing reboots at random. Truth be told, I never did like the Toshiba. I find it difficult to type on. The multi-touch touchpad always has me losing my work and messing up the display. The machine wasn’t formally recorded as Windows 8 upgradeable. I’m not fond of it. The inquiry is where do I go?

In relation to the convertibles, my problem is the fact that almost all of them selling for a thousand dollars or so are insufficient. They feature Intel Core i3 or i5 (I’ve determined I want a 5) or in the event you’d like to pay high end a i7. The majority of them come with 4GB of RAM. I simply do not believe that’s enough memory. The trouble is that it is not possible to add more memory to the majority of these versions. You’re speaking soldering the motherboard. They can be simply not expandable. When it comes to hard drives, most of the convertibles feature SSD drives. That’s very good. They can be blazing! The issue in the sub-$ 1,000 group, they’re generally only 128. Going to 256 GB is a budget buster. I am going to blow by that fairly fast on my notebook I believe, although that’s good for my tablet PC. In addition to this, they simply do not seem quite permanent. I am able to see the display twisting right away and busting them.

Overall, for the convenience or cool factor of having a convertible, you’re trading off by getting neither an excellent notebook nor a great tablet PC. You’re appearing nearer to $ 2,000. to truly get something great For the money, I figure I can purchase both an excellent tablet PC along with an excellent notebook.

So I then turned my focus to obtaining an excellent touchscreen version. There are a lot of options. You may get beasts which have 15-inch displays and bigger. They got the hp in relation to RAM and CPU. A lot of them have conventional SATA drives of better or 500GB and some have a hybrid vehicle with a 24GB to 30GB SSD drive that functions as a cache that is superb. It enables you to accelerate operation and boot up fast. I really like that thought. The touchscreens are not nasty. Windows 8 actually lends itself to the touchscreen. Most of these versions have optical drives for disks, SD or alternative disc slots and USB 3.0 and HDMI slots. Wireless and LAN contained. All for anywhere from $ 650 to $ 900. That’s a remarkable cost.

The trouble is I do not feel like schlepping this brick around with me. To me, this really is not any different then what I’ve been carrying through security in airports for the last ten years. I merely do not need that.

Instead, I began looking at Ultrabooks. These are smaller devices with screens 13 inches or smaller. They do not have optical drives, consequently no CDs or cds. The higher-end versions have 256GB, 128GB or SSD drives. This is an issue for me. A number of them have hybrid vehicle SSD and SATA drives. That’s really what I’m zeroing in on. The trouble is many of them just come with 4GB of RAM and aren’t upgradeable. Another problem for me is some of them have smaller keys which aren’t backlit. I have fat fingers. I want full size keys. I need my computer keyboard to light up and also type a lot in rooms with no light on. I need the touchscreen to be snappy along with the glass has to feel powerful (Gorilla Glass if possible).

Locating a carton which has all of this has proven quite challenging. I never have purchased one and still have spent lots of time searching. Now, I came really close. I was at Tiger Direct (previously CompUSA) and saw a genuinely sweet, brushed aluminum Sony VAIO Ultrabook. It’s everything I was searching for except a computer keyboard that is backlit. It was on sale for $ 699. I was prepared to pull the trigger and get my hands on my latest toy. I asked the salesmen to bring two to the sales register and I ‘ll take them both – one for me and one for my associate in the CISO Group. Do not you understand it, they just had one left ;-( I had them assess other shops, online, everywhere. No great – this was the last machine they’d. I could not get me one and not my associate. So I left empty handed.

in case you own an idea for a great Ultrabook touchscreen that meets the above demands allow me to understand. In the meantime I’ll simply continue looking.


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